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Trust & Verify

Disrupt the opaque media supply chain by removing hidden margin-based pricing models. This approach provides full insight into the cost of the transaction, enabling buyers to efficiently budget and know how much of their ad spend will go towards media.


Technology Architecture

Evaluate current technology use and develop an optimized recommendation to support immediate and future needs. Roll out operating models and upskill resources for a smooth adoption.

Extract, normalize and interpret the current data analytic process. Implement company-wide nomenclature to ensure insightful analysis. 


Strategic Performance

Design custom models that internalize campaign activation. Solve talent and billing challenges and upskill existing resources.


Roll out an operating model that maximizes performance and agility and enforce governance. Improve ROI and reduce reliance on 2nd/3rd party data due to 1st party data capture.



Tech Recipes is a programmatic disrupter consultancy combating the opaque media landscape.

Transparent recommendations

Holistic yield expertise

Hidden fee mitigation

No revenue share agreements


Consumer journey experts




A strategic thinker with an analytical mind and a love for food and technology. Brian Chap continues to transform the media and technical infrastructure of organizations large and small through workflow automation and incremental yield. This knowledge is the foundation of Tech Recipes in order to drive client satisfaction through holistic growth strategies and innovative problem-solving.  


Having agency, publisher and brand expertise he continues to reduce hidden fees. This expertise innovates blue-chip advertisers like L'Oreal through the establishment of their first-ever in-house programmatic team resulting in a 2x return. WarnerMedia also realized +30% in incremental revenue through the adoption of machine learning .



(917) 821-2399

Mark Power
(Podean - Founder & CEO)

"Tech Recipes has been a solid partner, deeming our data and technology capabilities as we build out our new retail and commerce media solutions for our clients.”

Christine Carrey
(Contobox - GM & SVP)

"Tech Recipes remains a trusted partner. Where others would pocket media value they are transparent. This transparency has allowed us to solidify a trusted partnership where  incremental value can be reinvested in order to maximize ROI."