About Us

Simplifying Complex Concepts

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We serve as a strategic navigator to guide advertisers through the murky marketing ecosystem. We remove the ego which would otherwise cause convoluted conversations.

Whether you're a novice or a master, Tech Recipes removes any doubt or frustration by providing world class education and marketing services. We allow your business to take flight with modern business models as we land the plane together using automation, artificial intelligence and data .

Our Offering

Tech Recipes simplifies complexity and packages best-in-class marketing strategy, operations and activation to remove the burden of evaluations, negotiations and implementation. With a focus on Identity and Data Management to fuel activation, we modernize marketing by upgrading traditional models with automated, agile and ultra-efficient brand and agency infrastructure. This feeds privacy compliant marketing and data execution while solving for staffing, workflow and billing. 

Our Story

Tech Recipes was born after twenty years of agency, brand and publisher expertise. The model was established in partnership with L'Oréal to build their first to market programmatic in-house team. The result was an immediate 2X return on investment.  Post L'Oréal, WarnerMedia saw a 23% revenue increase through the use of automated demand and stronger packaging strategies.


Tech Recipes focus on helping advertisers modernize traditional business models through the use of automation, artificial intelligence and technology. If you're looking to internalize your marketing efforts or future-proof your data models, please reach out to us today!

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Meet The Team

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Brian Chap

Founder & CEO

Angelina Marmorato

Investment & Operations

David Nyurenberg

Head of Data & Activation

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Natan Cohen

Strategic Marketing

Our Clients

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