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The "Golden Buzzer"

This Golden Buzzer recognizes your ability to outperform, remain hungry, and strive for greatness. The button comes with three motivational messages that can be used to remind yourself of the impact you create!

Each quarter, the owner of the buzzer should pick one team member who is achieving excellence. Prior to mailing to the new owner, three new messages should be recorded by following the instructions below.


  1. Look at the bottom of the button

  2. Move left switch to RECORD

  3. Move right switch to either 1, 2, or 3 want your message recorded

  4. Press large top button down until it beeps

  5. Continue to hold as you record your message (up to 10 seconds)

  6. When you're done let go of the button

  7. Move switch to play, and hear your message

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