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 This live data feed provides instant analysis, allowing marketers to assess their digital maturity against four dimensions.

Contact Information

First Name

Last Name

Company Name








Do you own your technology contracts?

Are you aware of what SSPs you're using?

What types of technology are you currently using?

What is the nonworking percentage of all your technologies combined?


How much third party data are you currently activating?

If applicable, do you have access to sales/POS data?

Are you using cloud based storage?

How many active data sources are you using for consumer insight?

Do you have an internal naming convention/taxonomy applied to all data?

If yes, have governance standards been put in place to maintain adoption?

Does your data need to be normalized/cleaned in order to make sense of it?

Have you already established legal and compliance standards for GDPR/CCPA?

Are you exploring or have you established an identity solution to bypass cookies?

Have you collected any first party data from your previous marketing efforts?

Media & Measurement

Who is activating your media?

Are you using an external measurement partner like Nielsen?

Which of these budget ranges best reflect your annual media budget?

Do you have inventory to sell?

Are you using a brand safety partner like IAS?

What is your core KPI?

What is your attribution model?


How many people do you have managing your marketing strategy, planning and activation?

How many of those resources are in-house vs external/agency partners?

Do you have any tools that standardize your go-to market approach?

If in-house, what model are you currently using?

Do you have any plans to internalize more capabilities?

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