Amazon DSP Control and Transparency for Brands

For any brand selling product on Amazon the Amazon demand side platform (DSP) is a must to maximize sales. This can be a daunting task due to the limitations and lack of clarity that the platform offers. The unintuitive nature of this platform causes frustration but remains the only company with the reach and resources to threaten Facebook and Google.

With Amazon netting almost $10 billion in ad revenue, they’re certainly on the right track. Having now secured 8.8% market share they've become the number three ad platform (source: eMarketer 2019). In order to get to number one Amazon’s platform functionality is going to need a significant facelift. Until then, marketers need to remain skeptical and create trusted and verified relationships with any Amazon reseller.

In this article we will expose the cost of entry for these third party partners. Amazon reseller partners are any accredited third party that has proven their expertise of the Amazon platform. The barriers of entry are not that substantial though allowing for anyone with limited knowledge to become a partner. Because of this experts are needed in order to sift through the good from the bad. Otherwise you can leverage a preexisting list of recommended partners by contacting us directly. In the interim please proceed with caution to avoid any false truths and reference the rate minimums required to become an Amazon partner below.

Amazon’s scale and reach make it too valuable for an advertiser to pass up. While they remain a walled garden, they are the only partner that can tout real time media married to transactional data. While incredibly valuable, you should confirm compatibility with other technology given that Amazon is NOT a one size fits all solution.

Tech Recipes has streamlined this approach for many fortune 500 companies and can apply it to an organization of any size. The result is dedicated expertise and implementation that will allow any brand to take control and maximize buying transparency!

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