Combat Bid Inflation

Automation continues to grow but for buyers to be successful in an industry that thrives on opaque business practices, verified partnerships are a necessity. It’s not only a matter of outlining terms in your contract, you must verify trust through data analysis. Consolidating your programmatic supply partners is a great first step however supply side platforms (SSPs) can inflate your CPM by allowing multiple demand side partners (DSPs) to bid on a single impression. To hold your technology partners accountable we can now track the % of inventory from an exchange that is sourced from the publisher directly.

Here’s how to make SPO work for you:

  1. Sellers.json allows you to fully control who you are actually buying from

  2. Going from indirect publisher to direct publisher programmatic buying can increase your ROI by 20%

  3. Ask your DSP if they have supply path optimization (SPO) tools available

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