Programmatic I/O 2019 recap: In-House and Transparency is Trending for 2020

2019’s Programmatic I/0 brought us content across many topics including ad tech, creative and the agency model but transparency was the theme of the event. In a world where only $0.06 of every dollar is going to media it’s hard to believe that we are only now realizing the incremental value. As I polled the conference all sides agreed that transparency is their number one concern in 2020.

This has been a hot topic over the past few years as marketing teams have put greater emphasis on understanding where their dollars go. Ad tech vendors and data providers are beginning to be forced to adopt transparent models. This year, however, there was plenty of discussion around how transparency impacts performance. Here’s a recap of how the different sectors of programmatic advertising discussed transparency and performance at Programmatic I/0.

The question remains “should I in house or not?” The answer “it depends”. Depending on your goals and data capabilities, in-housing may not be right fit, but for those looking for incremental value and ROI it is something to consider. It’s not a one size fits all approach; a customized solution must be explored. If you are interested in driving higher ROI, more value, understanding your media/data selection and owning your own contracts then you are likely on the in-housing path.

Questions to ask before in housing:

  1. Do I plan on internalizing all of my media or a portion?

  2. Do we have the expertise to build the model and source talent?

  3. Is the agency and our technology partners being as transparent as they could be?

  4. Do we want to own our data or license others?

Walking the floor there were many legacy technology and media partners managing their booths. All of which very attune to brands looking to bring things in-house and build more transparency. A few emerging partners like ZETA surprised me with their enterprise software solution. In a world of consolidation, emerging partners continue to sprout, and brands and publishers alike need to make sure that they are staffing the right talent to keep their competitive edge.

Regardless of startup or conglomerate the reality is this industry thrives on opaque business practices and we must verify trust. All partnerships should be entered with a spirit of trust and goodwill, while also employing data and transparency to maintain confidence in those partnerships.

Things to remember:

  1. Look to own your contracts

  2. Do your Demand Side Platforms have supply side optimization tools?

  3. Ask your DSPs (demand side partners) and SSPs (supply side partners) for access to their log files – if they won’t provide be weary

Media is nothing without great creative. We can target the right user at the right time but, without the right message it may be hard to build the consumer connection. Data-driven creative does not just refer to improving creative for programmatic media, it also includes how best practices can be applied to the creative process. With data driven creative you now have the control to optimize your messaging based on real time audience behavior. You can then personalize your plans before campaigns are developed and optimize creative while media is live. All of which will improve processes and produce better ROI.

With so many technology, data, media, creative and various other players it’s no wonder why data-driven marketing (programmatic) concerns exist. The reality is, most media and technology stacks are disjointed at best. Most media channel selection is verticalized and technology has been pieced together. This doesn’t allow you to speak to consumers in a way they will listen. It also doesn’t create an open source technology stack to ensure flexibility in a rapidly changing industry.

Data driven marketing allows the opportunity to speak to the consumer as opposed to the content on the page. It makes us more powerful when consolidating our media under one roof and using audience behavior to target the right person, at the right time, with the right message during the right point of the consumer journey. We no longer have to make it complicated. We can demand transparency and control! Tech Recipes has the knowledge and expertise to make a confusing marketplace seem easy.

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